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Quite Simply The Best Dog Trainerand Boarding
there is . . .

40 years of experience
and counting . . .

Byley - Cheshire - England
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1 on 1 Bespoke Training

From £100

Personal Assessments

From £200

You will need  an up-to-date vaccination certificate and the dog must be microchipped.

There is a charge of £25 for each day which starts from dropping off
to the
collection day.

Training is paramount for the mentality of your dog, and the satisfaction and confidence when you take your dog out.

 One-to-one handling lessons are £100

Our residential training prices are agreed after assessment.

Every dog is unique, my initial assessment will direct you in the accurate path you need to take to make your dog the perfect companion. Assessments for gundogs and basic obedience is £200. All assessment fees are payable in advance.



£25 Per Day

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Seeing is believing.  .  .

Take a look below at some
of our results . . .

Over 40 Videos Await You . . .

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The only destination for
General Obedience & Gundog Training

Stublach training and boarding kennels are set in four acres of beautiful Cheshire countryside near the rural village of Byley.

We are renowned for our high standards and can offer long / short term boarding. Nobody knows dogs better than we do, and you can rest assured that we will look after your dog as well as we look after our own.


Steve has competed, judged and in most cases beat some of the best Gundog trainers that this country has produced such as John Halstead, Harry Hardwick, Eddie Griffiths, the Latham brothers, Keith Erlandson. -  In fact there is a picture of Steve competing In Keith’s Book.

Steve has trained and competed with Labradors, Springer Spaniels, Cocker spaniels and HPRs.

He has worked and/or trained for the likes of Ron Jones Duke of Westminster‘s Keeper, Duke of Westminster,

Lord Litchfield, the German Royal Family to name a few.

If you want to know about field trials or just want a steady gundog, Steve was Cheshire's first professional gundog trainer!

This man’s credentials speak for themselves. 



Dog Training - Own a Dog you can be proud of...

Steve Moran is the man who you get recommended to when you’ve been to all the 'so-called' dog trainers and have ended up with more problems than you started with.


Steve makes you understand what you’ve been told is impossible is in fact possible. There is no tricks for treats, no worthless certificates, you are paying for your dog to be expertly trained through authentic methods that work. Steve has trained for many respected people such as footballers, television personalities and high-profile people. Steve Moran is proud of his work and his videos say it all, there are very few trainers if any who show videos of the before and after.

His techniques are also practised by the military abroad. Steve can have a dog that is pulling on the lead to heel

in as little as 20 minutes! He loves a challenge and there's nothing he can't achieve.


Boarding kennels

Why should I leave my dog at the Stublach Kennels?


Not only does he provide a comfortable, warm and safe environment for the dogs, the grounds are within his family home who all adore and help care for each dog visiting.


As well as this, Steve is the best trainer you will come across, with many years experience and 100's of dogs showing the results every owner would be proud to present.


This is what his clients say...  


"I have been using Steve’s Kennels for over 9 years now and simply wouldn’t leave my dog with anyone else."


Suzanne - Wilmslow

There are many other reviews on Stublach Training and Boarding Facebook page - Take a look!


Please Be Aware...

Did you Know this about

most Dog Trainers . . .

There is no national regulatory body for dog trainers and behaviourists despite the fact that some groups imply that this is the case. So ask yourself why would a dog trainer be hiding behind certificates and qualifications that don’t exist. Steve has 35 years of hands on experience with all types of dogs their is very few trainers with this amount of hands on experience. 

Steve has been campaigning about bogus dog trainers if you read the article below it will give you more information 


The criteria to become a

Dog Trainer is this . . .


You take between two weeks or three months hands-on training in some cases you get a certificate! And that makes you a dog trainer for all breeds of dogs! This is incredibly dangerous!


If you look at it this way -  if you’ve had a dog over a year you’ve probably got more hands-on experience than most of the people that you’re paying all that money to and end up in a worse position than when you started.




A man retired, bought a puppy German Shepherd.

During the growth development, the puppy/dog wouldn't stop barking. This became a huge problem to the owner and the neighbourhood. After 10months the owner contacted a Cheshire 'dog trainer' who attempted to correct the barking yet instead actually made the situation worse. Not only could he not correct the barking, but he made the young dog so nervous the dog now suffers with anxiety, won't get into a van (as he used to) and a number of other behaviour problems have now

developed from this.


Steve really can not stress enough, how important it is, to work with an experienced, dog trainer who is highly respected and known within the industry with a huge clientele and proven successful results record, making the right investment from the outset can save you more than you think.  

Steve Moran has over

40 Years Experience

training dogs of all kinds.

Simply the Best!

Call Steve Now on: 07969 244 337

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Stublach Logo.png

Frequently Asked Questions . . . 

What vaccinations does my pet have to have?
Your dog must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough well in advance of him/her coming to stay. If dogs need medication giving to them while they are in kennels its an extra £1 per day


Are the buildings heated?
Yes indeed

Are Dogs from the same family able to stay in the same kennel?

We have available single and double kennels

What do you do if my pet needs to see the vet?

We have our own vets on 24 hour call - we pay the vet and the owner must reimburse us on collection. Please advise if you need for insurance purposes for your dog to go to your own vet and leave the details with us in advance.

What time do I need to bring and collect my pet?

Please let us know whether you will be dropping off/collecting your dog

we charge a full day even on the day of drop off and pick up at whatever time

is agreed -  between the hours of 9-5. Any times outside that will need to be agreed separately for an extra charge. 

Weekend drop-offs and pickups are before 12.00pm

Our Payment terms...

Payment can be made on collection of the dog by cash or bank transfer.  All bills must be settled before the dog is given back to the owner

Do I need to bring bowls and bedding?

You don't need to bring bowls or bedding.  If you want to bring a familiar blanket you can.

Can I come and look round the kennels?

We don't have visitors round the kennels for health and safety purposes, to avoid transfer of infection, and we like to keep the dogs happy and quiet in their routine

Because Steve is a trainer, can you take dogs that are known to bite when boarding?

No sorry we can't take dogs that can be dangerous for boarding. 

Although all reasonable precautions are taken all dogs are left at owners risk.

How long will it take to train my dog?

It will depend on the needs of the dog and the owner. A specific price will be agreed and the training will take as long as it needs before the dog and owner are put back together and the owner trained to handle the dog.

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Stublach Training and Boarding Kennels



CW10 9NE

For all boarding or training enquires call Steve on

Tel: 07969 244 337


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by appointment only please - Steve

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