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Basic obedience

Basic obedience is what makes a good dog trainer experience somebody who can make the impossible achievable, somebody who can train you and your dog to function in the real world and not to train your dog to perform tricks for treats in a contrived situation like a circus animal.


Steve is one of the only trainers who can give you and your best mate the confidence to go anywhere, do anything and have a dog that you can be proud of.


We have bought a puppy what do I do now?


To help your puppy get the best start in life, Steve would begin the training with the essential, basic bonding techniques, demonstrate the correct feeding methods, house training and lead training.

Problems pulling on the lead, jumping up, chasing, barking, mouthing, recall problems getting back on lead after exercise, getting in and out of the car desensitising in front of noise fireworks bangs, are all common problems you may come across during the upbringing of your puppy.


This is not acceptable and should be corrected as soon as possible. With the help from Steve, this can be a quick solution to more serious problems that could develop from these in the future if not trained correctly.


All dogs are different just like people, one size cannot fit all. Most pet dog trainers have a maximum of three months training, so if you think about it, if you’ve had your dog for a year you’ve probably had more

hands-on experience than they have!


So if you don’t know and they don’t know you’re never going to get your dog trained only putting your dog at risk of developing further bad habits and mannerisms down the line.


Steve Moran is one of the most respected dog trainers in this country and abroad. He has written a book on Dog Training that has been used world wide and has trained some very high profile clients. Whatever Dog problem you bring to him he has probably worked with it before and has corrected it!

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