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Total Peace of Mind

At Stublach Boarding Kennels, we have over 30 years of experience and expertise in kennel accommodation for your pet and companion. Relaxed, comfortable and hygienic accommodation our kennels are generously sized accommodating one, two or several dogs. Our kennels are meticulously cleaned on a daily basis and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between occupations. We cater for all diets and will only feed what you supply. All medications and food additives are administered as per your instructions we charge £1 per day for medication given. We pride ourselves on our mature team headed up by Steve and his son Harry.

Health and Wellbeing

As you can imagine the health of your dog is paramount to us, this is why we do not invite viewings inside the kennels to stop any disease spreading by people just wanting to look. I am sure anyone who cares for their dog would agree. Also, we want your dog to be in an environment that's happy and quiet without any unnecessary distress.

Food for your Dog

We feed our own kennel food unless you specifically want your own food which you can bring.  

Appointments and Drop off Arrangements

For all our questions and concerns please do not hesitate in contacting us...

Call Steve on Tel: 07969 244 337

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